hashBIT Discord Bot

hashBIT is a cryptocurrency rate Discord bot that I wrote in Python.

It fetches the latest rates for a chosen cryptocurrency and returns it in EUR, GBP and USD and caches it for 5 minutes. It also generates, saves and sends to the Discord server – a graph showing the previous 7 days closing prices for the chosen currency. These images are generated and saved on the server once every twelve hours per coin and only if that coin is requested. They are automatically deleted at 12am each day along with the cache for the coin rates.

Use or self host

ZestAppeal WordPress Theme

The very theme you are seeing in use on this site now is completely custom and will be available for download when it is fully finished. It is still in development so expect a few hiccups here and there.

Named ZestAppeal because of the orange header, this theme was created using the Underscores (“_s”) WordPress framework and hand written in CSS.
The theme has a customisable header and background, sticky post support, featured post image support and it also contains a full widget enabled left sidebar and a minimal zesty orange and white look.

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CoinFee.cf was born when I was confused about Bitcoin fees.
Quite simply all it does is display the lowest fee per byte/kilobyte in satoshis. It also shows the total unconfirmed transactions, total transactions from the past 24 hours, total amount of BTC sent and the estimated time between blocks as well as how much a Bitcoin is worth in USD.

Fancy a look?
Visit coinfee.cf to see it in action. Maybe you’ll even get some use out of it, who knows.

RetroGeeky – OPL Theme

RetroGeeky is a theme for Open PS2 Loader/OPL.
For more information about OPL, check out the official forum.

This theme is a basic, minimal black and green retro computer terminal style theme, including font.


PS2 Home official thread.

v2.5 Release Notes:
  • Game cover art (front and background) is HIGHLY recommended as it is a main feature of the theme.
  • CD art is no longer supported.
  • Widescreen is recommended.
  • Now supports “APP” page.
  • Added background effects (pixelated)
  • Changed button legends
  • Changed position of cover art slightly
  • Completed remade navigation indicator (USB, HDD etc…)

Force One-Eight-Seven (Pebble Watch App)

Force One-Eight-Seven is a Pebble Smartwatch app that shows you how many people have been murdered by the US police force in the past year along with some statistics.
The name comes from the police radio code for murder.

The app is available in the Pebble app store.


  • Load it up and use the up and down buttons to scroll through the stats.
  • Select button will show victim name list. (Not available on Pebble classic devices.) (Removed for performance reasons)


Download from the Pebble app store.